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Build a Ridesharing Android App - Part 1

Build a Ridesharing Android App - Part 1

Getting started is sometimes the hardest part.


Add a click listener in Kotlin.

Android Login Layout

Let users sign in.

Registration Screen

It always begins with registration.

Kotlin: val vs var

What's the difference?

Kotlin When Statement

The when statement replaces Java's switch.

For Loop in Kotlin

Easily loop through items.

Tracking WorkManager's Progress

Get status updates from WorkManager.

Omit Data Type

With Kotlin, specifying a data type is optional.

Android MVVM: Getting Started

Android MVVM: Getting Started

Android Architecture Components + MVVM = Easier Development

WorkManager: Define Constraints

Schedule tasks only when the device is charging.

Android WorkManager: Getting Started

Get up and running with WorkManager.

Git Integration

Git Integration

Use Git in Android Studio.

Part 4: Entering Enter

Use Android Studio's quick fix feature.

RecyclerView Day 2: List of Emails

Build a basic email client with RecyclerView.

Part 3: Reformatting Code

Clean. Nice. Neat.

.apply { } in Kotlin

Clean code. Available in Kotlin.

RecyclerView Day 1: List of Friends

RecyclerView Day 1: List of Friends

Have friends? RecyclerView to the rescue!

Part 2: Refactoring

Rename in Android Studio.

Part 1: Navigating code

Navigate code effectively.

Part 6: Rebase

Take your skills to the next level.

Part 5: Merge

Merge branches together.

Part 4: Branching out

Navigate between branches.

Part 3: Checkout

Navigate between branches.

Part 2: Your First Commit

Write some code. Commit it.

Part 1: Setup

Go forward, or back in time, with Git.